AI-powered precision neuropsychiatry

Our iMAGiNE™ predictive biomarker platform delivers personalized assessments of brain health to accelerate safer and more effective therapeutics for complex patients.

We fuse generative AI with computational neuroscience

Sama Therapeutics is advancing "software as medical device" for a range of indications, including cognitive, affective, interoceptive, and substance use disorders. The company's agile SaaS platform, iMAGiNE™, analyzes the transdiagnostic efficacy of pharmaceutical and neurostimulation modalities through precision clinical trials, deep phenotyping, causal inference, digital twins & preclinical translation. We invite you to join our mission unlocking brain health through integrative neurotechnology.

Our solutions

Accelerate clinical trials and therapy development

Using cross-validated AI/ML models, our biomarker platform de-risks both clinical and preclinical R&D to bring innovative therapies to patients sooner. We generate prospective insights on dosing, efficacy, adverse events, placebo, indication selection, digital twins & much more.

Help providers deliver effective treatments

Our clinic integrations eliminate the trial-and-error approach to mental health and neurological care. Through the analysis of LLMs, psychometrics, EEG/ECG, and VR assessment, we help care providers better understand patient conditions, measure progress & improve outcomes.

Empower everyone to own & track their brain health

There’s nothing more critical to overall performance than optimizing the brain’s function. Our technology generates reports and insights for biohackers, early adopters of psychedelic medicine, longevity & anti-aging, or anyone that values objective measurements into their health.

Our partners

Award-winning predictive capabilities

Our approach ranks #1 among dozens of data science teams in an international competition to validate clinically-actionable biomarkers.
We can differentiate major psychiatric disorders (MDD, ADHD, PTSD, OCD, SCZ) by predicting treatment response > 50% better than current state of the art, regardless of the treatment modality: “transprognostic.”

Consulting & operations

An extraordinarily interdisciplinary group of academic, nonprofit, and industry experts across pharmaceutical, medical device, neuroimaging, multiomics, natural language processing, legal & regulatory domains.

Our advisory board

We’re fortunate to benefit from the collective wisdom of the most (in our opinion) innovative and reputable figures in precision neuropsychiatry.

Our publications

Together, we're transforming psychiatric and neurological medicine

Find out how we can partner to make a tangible, data-driven difference in the lives of the individuals and communities we serve.